Your Mindset Matters


You’re going to hear many things about yourself.

This world will tell you many things. Your day-to-day challenges will tell you many things. Your weaknesses, your mistakes, your stumbles along the way will tell you many things. People who do not like you, people who do not really even know you, people who are fearful or jealous of your potential, people in general will tell you many things. People are going to judge you. People are going to talk negatively about you. There are people who will rejoice any time they feel that you have failed. The truth is, you’re going to encounter many forms of negativity.

Everyone encounters negativity, perhaps not always in the same form or at the same time in life–but negativity has set appointments with everyone. The first thing I would like to make clear is that being hurtful to other people is never ok. Wanting to see other people hurt is never ok. Celebrating another person’s downfall is never ok. Judging a person without getting to know their story or how they feel about their own situation, is never ok. Encouraging each other is very important, because every day we cross paths with someone who has encountered negativity.

No matter what, you have to know yourself better than anyone else. You have to know that God created you for a great purpose, because negativity is only designed to distract you from your God-given purpose. Negativity only wants you to get off track so that you will not accomplish the positive things you were created to do. You have to have the mindset that you are going to accomplish your God-given purpose no matter what. It’s not always easy to have that mindset, but it’s always important. All of life may come against you, but as long as you’re still alive–your purpose is still alive! Your mindset matters. The second you begin to believe the negativity attacking you, is the same second you begin to give power to that negativity. Regardless of your situation, God created you to do great things, to be a blessing to others, to do positive works, and to make the world a better place. Negativity will not appreciate your gifts and talents. Negativity will do everything it can to stop you by attacking your mindset. If negativity can pollute your mind, it will pollute the rest of you. Protect your mindset. See yourself as royalty. See yourself as a beautiful Queen or a great King. You’re not perfect, and you were never created to be perfect. That’s a burden that you shouldn’t try to carry. But it is your responsibility to try to be the best person you can be, and sometimes that is easier said than done, but the truth is….when there is a fire of negativity burning, you can either have the mindset that adds gas to the fire or you can have the mindset that is passing down the water buckets or holding the water hose to help to put that fire out before it destroys absolutely everything in its path.

In conclusion, your mindset matters to this world. Negativity will tell you, your thoughts, your feelings, your life doesn’t matter…but everything about you matters. Your mindset has the power to transform the environment around you. That is why when people want to hurt you, oftentimes they begin with your mind. They begin with highlighting your weaknesses, repeating your mistakes over and over again to you, tearing you down, trying to make you feel small, trying to make you feel worthless and incompetent, trying to bring you out of your positive character, and trying to destroy your peace. Negativity cannot stand to see happy, successful, positive, forward moving people. It cannot stand to see a progressive mindset that is not easily bothered, not easily deterred from its purpose, and focused on a positive future. Negativity will do everything in its power to bring a vulnerable mindset into its misery, and to try to convince you that you don’t matter. BUT YOU MATTER! Your purpose matters. I encourage you to work hard to overcome whatever challenges you face, because I can assure you that someone needs you. Think positive! Be positive! Do positive things!




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