A 2016 Reflection

2016…what a journey this has been, and it’s not even over yet, lol!!

This has been the year for me to get back on course and to truly focus on things that make me a better person. Sometimes we can get so distracted by life—by the people and the situations around us that we simply forget our own God-given purpose. As I reflect upon the beauty of today… the warmth, the glow, the freshness of what is new…I am reminded that life is not some worthless existence to be so freely handed over to the distractions around us. Life is so much more than the stress, doubts, fears, and hopelessness that try to pollute our days. There’s a lot going on in our world, but nothing can ever change the fact that God has such a beautiful and meaningful purpose for every single one of us! That means we cannot waste our time on things that will not make us better. Every day is a day that we have to move forward to becoming a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

I began a weight loss journey the beginning of this year, and so far I have lost over 60 pounds. I am healthier and happier. This was part of my journey to becoming a better me. Before this journey, I had ventured down a path of stress eating and just not thinking about my health. While on that path, I was losing a bit of myself in different ways every day. Emotionally, I felt lost. Spiritually, I felt disconnected. Mentally, I felt drained. Physically, I was just tired.  I needed a change, and a change is just what I received.

Changes can come in different forms, and sometimes you have to take a loss in order to reach your victory. It just so happens, that I lost my job. To many, that would be understandably devastating, but for me it wasn’t devastating at all. It was the release, the blessing in disguise that I needed. Although I enjoyed some aspects of my job, I knew it was time for me to move on, and I was excited about the journey of moving forward…and moving forward is just what I did! I carefully thought about my weight loss journey and what I wanted to accomplish. Five days later, I got started, and I haven’t looked back since. I am currently 62.6 pounds lighter, and I am still moving forward to reach my ultimate weight loss goal.

That wasn’t the only journey I started. I’ve been an entrepreneur for five years now. As you know, I enjoy creative writing. Really, I enjoy anything creative…writing, music, dancing, art, acting…any God-given gift that people are passionate about that truly brings inspiration to people throughout the world. It’s exciting to see people in their element and to see other people appreciate what they are gifted at doing. I’ve spent years encouraging people to live life to its fullest and creating projects to spread inspiration. I am still actively creating those projects with other creative minds, and it has proven to be an unpredictable but amazing journey. It’s not easy by any means. It can be quite time-consuming and disappointing—but it’s still rewarding, and I still wake up every morning ready to start something new!

You can’t be afraid to start new things. I have found that it is truly important to connect yourself to the right people, and sometimes that means new people. I appreciate all of the great moments I have with everyone I meet, but it is important to stay connected to the people who lift you up. These are the people who help you to rise whether it is through connecting you to the right resources, encouraging you, praying for your success, or just genuinely helping you to succeed in any way. If you set a goal for yourself, in order to succeed, you have to surround yourself with people who have the same determination for success as you do. You don’t have to go throwing everyone by the wayside, but it is important to be aware of who plays what role in your life and to make the necessary adjustments. Remember everyone is important and everyone has a God-given purpose, but that doesn’t mean that everyone always travels the same path together to get to the same destination.

I am grateful for my new opportunities. I am grateful for my new fitness journey (I chose Weight Watchers to guide me along), my new (or perhaps renewed) enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, my new career path (because many entrepreneurs do keep a day job too lol), and every new path and relationship that is building my success!

And as I always do and always will, I encourage you to live your life to the fullest! Never give up on your God-given purpose because no matter what happens in life, God’s purpose for you will still remain yours to complete!



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